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Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 5

    Giuseppe SquillaciLuca Raffaelli & Francesca Ferrario
    Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 5Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 5


    Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 5 includes 4 amazing episodes: Race to the chase, Out of order, The shortcut, Return to SenderRace to the chase: jade builds a super high-tech snowmobile, and swifty and pb start fighting over it. Otto manages to steal the vehicle thanks to a farfetched disguise. Who will get the snowmobile?Out of order: otto is waiting for a very important package, but the conveyor belt at the abds breaks down.The shortcut: swifty and pb have to make a big delivery on the other side of the frozen lake. The stolid bear decides to go around the lake, while the impatient fox takes a shortcut.Return to sender: otto receives a package, but he sends it back, furious. Swifty is determined to deliver it, no matter what.

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