Haydee y el pez voladorHaydee y el pez volador
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Haydee y el pez volador

After fighting for justice for 40 years, Haydee faces her torturers in a historic trial.


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Directed by award-winning Chilean journalist and filmmaker Pachi Bustos, 'Haydee and the Flying Fish' is a heartbreaking documentary best described by its title as it toured and won awards on the film festival circuit: "The Woman Who Brought the Chilean Navy to Justice." The feature-length film is, on the one hand, an empathetic portrait of Haydee Oberreuter, who was kidnapped and tortured at the age of twenty-one in 1973 (the year Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship began in Chile), ending her four-month pregnancy, and whose physical and psychological wounds she has carried with her ever since. It is also the story of a historic trial that reached the Supreme Court over the course of a decade in search of convictions for the four men who tortured her. But above all it is a story of compassion and hope, showing how the case went so far thanks to selfless actions. 'Haydee and the Flying Fish' is for its country, like the Chilean also 'El patio', 'Heredera del viento' for Nicaragua, 'El buen cristiano' for Nicaragua, or 'Tempestad' and 'Soles negros' for Mexico; a very important contribution to the historical memory of Chile and Latin America.



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Haydee has spent 40 years fighting for justice for victims of Human Rights violations, but today she faces a more intimate battle: the end of the long trial that condemns her torturers.

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