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My Life

A dying ad executive records videos for his unborn son, confronting his past and finding meaning.


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In one of the most emotional films of Michael Keaton's career (from 'Birdman'), 'My Life' tells the story of a man who is suffering from an incurable cancer and, seeing his pregnant wife's belly grow, begins to think about how to be part of his son's life. Thus, reminiscent of '18 Presents', the feature film shows the journey of this father recording videos for his son to watch when he grows up, being able to have the figure of the father in one way or another. Although director Bruce Joel Rubin (screenwriter of 'Ghost') weighs the drama, the movie knows how to move in sensitive moments. Much due to Keaton's precise performance, who knows how to modulate the nuances of this complicated character, and Nicole Kidman, who plays the role of the mother-wife who has to deal with arrivals and departures.



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Michael Keaton is a young ad executive who discovers he is dying of cancer, just as he and his wife are expecting their first child. Deciding to make a video of his life as a gift for the child he may never know, he embarks on a journey of self discovery, confronting his painful past.

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