The Bridge CurseThe Bridge Curse

The Bridge Curse

A group of students test an urban legend on a ghostly bridge, but evil awaits them.

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On the surface, 'El puente maldito' might seem like little more than another movie about foolish youths exposing themselves to the supernatural and suffering deadly consequences. And yes, to a good extent it is, but setting aside the worn-out plot, it's a Taiwanese production of modest budget but highly effective when creating an atmosphere of tension. This is mostly thanks to its use of "found footage" from a cell phone, giving it a look of realism comparable to 'Paranormal Activity' or 'The Blair Witch Project'. However, this movie relies less on typical “jumpscares”, instead focusing more on the constant tension to make an impact.



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A group of undergraduate students who dare to test the urban legend that anyone who crosses a ghostly bridge - where a women once took her own life - at midnight will find evil awaiting them.

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