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Burning Night

A divorced father struggles to make ends meet as a cab driver in Rio, facing loneliness and fatigue.


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"Brief Mirage of the Sun", the first fiction feature exclusively from Globoplay, is one of those productions that can synthesize the atmosphere of an era with an overwhelming precision. Directed by Eryk Rocha ("Brief Mirage of the Sun") and starring Fabrício Boliveira ("Simonal"), the feature film mixes two important topics. Firstly, structural racism in a society that still privileges people by skin color. Secondly, following in the footsteps of the powerful "You Were Not Here", it speaks about the job market that acts as a grinding gear of people. In the case of the film, of a desperate man who begins to work as a taxi driver without breaks, day and night. A movie to be moved and to reflect on the situation of Brazil and the world.



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Plot summary

Down on his luck and recently divorced, Paulo has begun driving a cab around Rio, hoping he’ll make enough to send his ex money to support their ten-year-old son. He mostly works nights, so in addition to his encounters with a colorful variety of customers, colleagues, cops and others, he must cope with loneliness, fatigue and new faces in his life.

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