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Narciso Em Férias

A musician reflects on his imprisonment during the Brazilian military dictatorship.


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"Narciso on Vacation" was released on Globoplay on the same day it premiered at the Venice Film Festival. With no image files or even narration, the movie is composed of a testimony from musician Caetano Veloso - where he describes the time he was imprisoned during the military dictatorship in Brazil. In addition to accounts, Caetano sings songs that remind him of this turbulent period. The singer says he was imprisoned for weeks without knowing why he was incarcerated - a reason that is now well known. Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil were accused of disrespecting the national anthem and the Brazilian flag in December 1968, and as a result, both were arrested. At the time, the accusation was defined as "an attempt to break the right and institutional order" with objective and subjective messages to the population. For almost an hour and a half, the musician goes through various details of everything that happened and makes the viewer reflect on democracy and culture in Brazil. "Narciso on Vacation" brings a different documentary format, showing only Caetano Veloso with a guitar and yet the movie does not lose its rhythm, or fails to captivate. The title of the film refers to the fact that the singer was detained for more than 50 days without being able to look in the mirror - a reference to the song "Sampa", which has the verse "because Narciso finds ugly what is not a mirror".



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Brazilian singer-songwriter Caetano Veloso reflects on his imprisonment in 1968, during the military dictatorship.

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