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A man with amnesia finds joy in rediscovering life's small pleasures in an experimental treatment.


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When filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos was shooting his celebrated 'The Lobster', there was someone behind the scenes taking note, jotting down and observing everything his fellow countryman was doing. It was Christos Nikou, then assistant director of Lanthimos and director of 'Mila' (also known by its English title, 'Apples'), a film selected for the Venice Film Festival and also screened at the Toronto Film Festival. Whereas in 'The Lobster' the viewer found three siblings living isolated from the rest of society and being educated in a parallel world by their father, in 'Mila' we are confronted with a man who has forgotten who he is and how to live in society. After all, he is just one of the people affected by a brutal amnesia crisis. With no close relatives, he ends up entering a government program to recover these people. The result is a film that provokes the viewer, harshly criticizes technology and makes us question: are we living or just fulfilling roles of a social protocol that is shown to us? It's hard to find an answer, especially with such strangeness of the movie. However, it's hard not to finish the film without some reflections and a handful of good questions.



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Venice Festival 2020. A lonely man loses his memory in a strange wave of amnesia that sweeps through his city. Volunteering in an experimental treatment, he begins to rediscover life's small pleasures and create a new self.

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