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A paramedic becomes suspicious of his partner after a tragic accident.


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Taking advantage of the good moment of Spanish suspense, with films like 'The Well', 'The Body' and 'A Contratempo', the feature film 'El Practicante' tries to grab all the references of the genre to tell its story. In it, the viewer is invited to enter the house and life of Angel (Mario Casas, also seen in 'A Contratempo'). Paramedic, he has a monotonous relationship with his wife (Déborah François, the best on screen) while trying to get pregnant. However, the relationship ends when he has an accident and becomes paraplegic. This is the beginning, then, of an obsession story, in the style of 'Misery', of this man in a wheelchair with his wife. It's a pity, however, that director Carles Torras ends up embracing all the clichés and platitudes of the genre, without ever imprinting any originality or great moment of the story. 'El Practicante', thus, is a monotonous movie, in its development and conclusion, which never manages to reach what it really wants. But still, you can't say it's a waste of time for those who are looking for, precisely, a movie that repeats the emotions, stories and sensations that a suspense can generate.



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Angel works in an ambulance service. After a tragic accident, his personal life begins to deteriorate as he becomes more and more suspicious of his partner Vane.

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