Downstream to KinshasaDownstream to Kinshasa
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Downstream to Kinshasa

Victims of war seek justice in emotional journey to Kinshasa


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One of Africa's most important documentarians, Dieudo Hamadi, has dedicated himself to telling stories of his people that need to resonate in other countries, cultures, peoples, and organizations. In 'En route pour le milliard', the filmmaker continues on his journey to amplify the stories of the Congo. Here, he follows a group of residents who decide to travel to the city of Kinshasa to demand their rights. The reason? They were mutilated, violated, and injured during a war in 2000 and have since received no form of compensation or restitution. Thus, mixing documentary with theatrical scenes, Hamadi invites the viewer to embark on this emotional and sad journey, but which ultimately shows simple yet powerful stories of people who fight every day to stay alive in a system that continuously oppresses them. And the final scene... Ah, the ending of the film is heart-wrenching to see the hope in the eyes of these people who still have so much to fight for.



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In 'Downstream to Kinshasa', filmmaker Dieudo Hamadi seeks to give a voice to the victims of Six-Day War in 2000, who are seeking redress for the permanent damage they must carry.

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