The Three Deaths of Marisela EscobedoThe Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo
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The Three Deaths of Marisela EscobedoMovie on Netflix

A mother's fight for justice after Mexico's justice system fails her daughter.


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What a sad, outrageous, and unbelievable story 'The Three Deaths of Marisela Escobedo' is, a documentary about real crimes committed in Mexico. Here, director Carlos Perez Osorio (director of the culinary series 'Taco Chronicles') uses the classic visual style of Netflix's crime series to tell the story of a mother seeking justice for her daughter's murder in a violent region of Mexico by her husband. Full of twists and turns, 'The Three Deaths of Marisela' is emotional, impactful, and above all, leaves the viewer completely outraged. The story is powerful, the way Osorio leads it is competent, and the final result is overwhelming, just like 'The Gabriel Fernandez Case' or 'Scenes of a Homicide: A Neighboring Family'. To watch, reflect, and realize how Netflix, one way or another, has found the tone to talk about these absurd criminal plots around the world. After all, more than shocking, 'The Three Deaths of Marisela' opens the eyes of the audience to femicide and how, in many places, violence is still trivialized.



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Follows a mother's tireless crusade to jail her daughter's murderer after Mexico's justice system failed to do so.

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