How to Marry a MillionaireHow to Marry a Millionaire
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How to Marry a Millionaire

A hotel chambermaid enrolls in a course on marrying rich men.


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"And who said Poland can't make romantic comedies? The rather unusual 'Jak poslubic milionera' shows that the Eastern European country has a better grasp of the formulas of this type of story, with all its clichés and obviousness coming from the United States. Although it has a problem of being somewhat outdated, with some gags that seem to come from the last century, 'Jak poslubic milionera' plays with stereotypes and still brings a good amount of emotion to the screen. A good movie to pass the time, give a few sighs and explore the cinema from the other side of the world."



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This Polish romantic comedy is a guide for all looking for a perfect and happy relationship... with a millionaire. Alicja is a chamber lady of a hotel where a course on how to marry rich men will be ministered, and she will be their first student.

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