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The Star

A brave donkey and friends save the first Christmas from disaster.


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Technically polished animation, 'The Star' is one of those biblical films that doesn't overdo it. Here, we follow the birth of Jesus - thus, the first Christmas, as the feature film likes to highlight - from the perspective of animals, with special interest in a donkey, who save this moment from becoming a complete disaster. There is no attempt to put messages in all the subplots and dialogues, nor to turn 'The Star' into a religious instructor for the little ones. On the contrary. Director Timothy Reckart brings delicacy, refinement and didacticism in a story that will move religious or not, thanks to the universal tone that reaches with these so sympathetic animal protagonists. It's not a memorable movie or one that has the quality of a Pixar, for example. But still, it moves us and makes us reflect on Christmas.



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A small but brave donkey and his animal friends become the unsung heroes of the first Christmas.

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