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100% Wolf

On his 14th birthday, Freddy Lupine turns into a poodle. Can he prove he's still 100% wolf?


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Recently, filmmaker Alexs Stadermann won over children around the world with the endearing animation 'Maya the Bee: The Movie'. It's a simple production, bordering on simplistic, but it won over children accustomed to simpler, yet competent, animations such as 'Masha and the Bear'. Now, Stadermann takes a few more steps up in the quality of his animations with the endearing '100% Wolf', a feature film that tells the story of a werewolf who, during his transformation into a big wolf, ends up turning into a poodle. With a 'Pets' style approach, the animated film should draw the attention of the younger ones, who should have fun and be enchanted by the little wolf's journey.



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Plot summary

Freddy Lupine is the heir to a proud family line of werewolves, but when his 14th birthday hits, something goes wrong during his first transformation, turning into a fierce ... Poodle. Despite his fluffy pink hairstyle, can Freddy prove that he is 100% wolf?

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