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Waiting for Anya

A boy helps Jews escape Nazis through mountains in WWII France.


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Movies about the Great Wars are quite common in cinema and most of them are quite dense and hard to watch. In 'Waiting For Anya' we follow a story based on the book of the same name by Michael Morpurgo, which is tough but also very beautiful and hopeful. Noah Schnapp, Will from 'Stranger Things', and Anjelica Houston star in this period production. With beautiful cinematography, sensitive performances and an emotionally powerful soundtrack, this is a movie about a part of a history we already know that is worth revisiting. Not only for bringing an unknown narrative, but also for the strength of the script.



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Plot summary

In this inspiring story, a boy begins to live the horrors of World War II and helps Jews escape the Nazis through the mountains of France to Spain.

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