Queens of the Field

Mohamed Hamidi
Queens of the FieldQueens of the Field


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Interesting specimen of a football movie, 'Une belle équipe' is one of those inspirational stories about great personal journeys that gain strength from the sport. In other words: nothing new on the front. Here, more specifically, the story of a coach who decides to form a female team to take the place of the men and save the team as a whole -- also shaking the structures of the small community in which they live. There is a certain lack of tone at some moments, as well as some rather outdated gags. However, director Mohamed Hamidi's work (from the beautiful 'Jacqueline's Incredible Journey') ends up bringing the necessary lightness to the work as a whole.



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The women in a small rural town join forces to form a football club in order to save the funding for their city's field.

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