Last Three DaysLast Three Days
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Last Three Days

An undercover cop wakes up missing his partner, wife, and three days of his life after getting involved with a dangerous crime syndicate.


Why watch this film?

Do you like the Jack Bauer saga in the '24 Hours' series? Well, then this movie will please you. Coincidentally, the protagonist of this story is also named Jack and the clock is of great importance in the plot. In the narrative, a policeman wakes up not knowing what happened to him in the last three days. This is an action production that will leave you breathless for almost an hour and a half. And it is worth noting that the ending of 'Last Three Days' is extremely tense, prepare yourself for the last 45 minutes.



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Plot summary

After getting mixed up with a dangerous crime syndicate, an undercover cop wakes up to discover he is missing his partner, his wife, and three days of his life.

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