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A group of intellectuals debate death, war, progress, and morality in a manor house.


Why watch this film?

It takes patience and dedication to watch this production, as it is a long and pretentious movie. However, it will all be worth it if you can pass the first attention test right at the beginning of 'Malmkrog'. It's not an easy film, if you like discussions about existentialism, God, truth, subjectivity and understanding more about the human mind, it's an excellent recommendation. The narrative addresses several themes based on the text "Three Dialogues" by the Russian theologian and philosopher of the Belle Époque Solov'ëv. Perhaps the script would work better as a play, as the extremely slow pace makes it difficult to pay attention, even if you are completely focused. Beautiful cinematography, editing, a very well-prepared cast, 'Malmkrog' has the potential to become a cult movie over the years.



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Plot summary

A landowner, a politician, a countess, a General and his wife gather in a spacious manor house and discuss death, war, progress and morality. As time passes by, the discussion becomes more serious and heated.

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