A Ponte De BambuA Ponte De Bambu
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A Ponte De Bambu

A journalist's family experiences China's history and culture, providing a unique perspective.


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China is one of the biggest world powers, whether economically, politically or militarily. Yet, we still know little about the country's culture and details of its inhabitants' daily lives. Brazil is commercially close to the giant, but the cultures remain with an ocean of differences. We are still strangers. That is why it is very interesting and important the story presented in 'A Ponte De Bambu', by Marcelo Machado. The feature film follows and tells the story of Jayme Martins' family. He, at the time when China was just a strange and distant country, went there with his suitcase. From then on, he begins to work as an international specialist for the Chinese. But, on the other hand, he works to communicate to the international audience what is happening in China. An interesting movie with a wealth of details that jumps to the eyes, breaking some taboos around China and drawing attention to problems that persist in the Asian giant even with the passing of the years. Good documentary.



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A puzzle to Western eyes, China is a giant that imposes itself through the barriers of language, traditions and history. With testimonies and images of historical and sentimental value, journalist Jayme Martins and his family lead us to a comprehension of China through the unprecedented narrative of his experience in that country: Communism, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the Celestial Peace Square Massacre, the reforms that culminated with the country becoming a superpower. Director Marcelo Machado dives into these memories and visits the country with which he possesses an affective liaison.

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