Smiles of a Summer NightSmiles of a Summer Night

Smiles of a Summer Night

Members of the upper class and their servants navigate romantic tangles amidst jealousy and heartbreak in turn-of-the-century Sweden.

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In retrospect, despite his vast filmography, Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman has gone down in history for his masterpieces, of a darker, psychological and existentialist nature such as 'The Seventh Seal', 'Persona' and 'Wild Strawberries'. Therefore, it is sometimes easy to forget that the director had a solid creative period with romantic comedy and domestic drama in the first third of his career (a facet that influenced other filmmakers such as Woody Allen). 'Smiles of a Summer Night' is one of the best examples of the director working freely in comedy, with characters entangled with each other by their desires, voids and by the romantic complexities demanded by their hearts. For those who have ventured into Bergman's filmography through the aforementioned works, this piece of his early filmography will undoubtedly be a pleasant and refreshing surprise, full of spirit, humor and ingenuity without losing the fatalistic footing that characterizes its director.



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In Sweden at the turn of the century, members of the upper class and their servants find themselves in a romantic tangle that they try to work out amidst jealousy and heartbreak.

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