Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation HeroesUltra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes
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Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes

Taro recruits New Generation Heroes to stop League of Darkness from targeting Zero and Grigio.


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"Ultra Galaxy Fight: Urutora Gyarakushî Faito Nyû Jenerêshon Hîrôzu" is a new production of the namesake franchise "Ultraman", one of the most classic and influential series of Japanese culture, and a great milestone in the genre of fiction and fantasy, with giant robots and monsters. For those who like programs in the style of "Power Rangers", with characteristic uniforms, sparks and explosions and choreographed fights, the Ultraman universe is the right choice. In "Heroes of the New Generation", we have a more renewed aesthetic, but still keeping many of the classics, and an electrifying adventure. Pure nostalgia for giant monster movies in the best oriental style.



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Plot summary

Somewhere on a distant planet, X and Geed were defeated by a pair of black Ultramen who bore their likenesses in appearance. At the same time, an old enemy of Taro named Ultra Dark-Killer targeted both Zero and Grigio, forcing Taro to recruit the New Generation Heroes to stop the League of Darkness.

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