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The Last Ice

In a changing Arctic, Inuk leaders fight to preserve their culture and environment.


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Beautiful documentary about what is happening in the Arctic. We often have the impression that there is only ice there, but quite the contrary, there are ecosystems and also people who are trying to save the region. The production follows the leaders of the Inuit community, hunters and activists who were filmed over four years for the project to be completed. 'The Last Ice' emanates a force with strong images of how the region is disappearing. A truly impactful and necessary film to reinforce that the environment is in a lamentable situation. In contrast, it is touching and inspiring the efforts that the Inuits make to save not only the Arctic but their culture while facing an uncertain future.



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The Inuk people of the north are divided between modern and traditional lifestyles and Canadian and Danish political systems. Those divides are becoming more pronounced due to the effects of a warming northern climate.

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