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A man becomes a single father after his wife's death, raising his daughter alone.


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There are several movies that talk about the task of parents raising their children alone: such is the case of 'The Pursuit of Happiness', 'A Two Family House' and the moving 'Somewhere Special'. All of these, however, put extreme situations in the equation - in the case of the production with Will Smith, the difficulties of the job market; in the other two, diseases that need to be faced. It is interesting, therefore, to see a movie about 'Fatherhood' that deals with the theme with some naturalness, escaping from this imminent need to complicate the story. In this plot directed and written by Paul Weitz (of 'American Pie' and 'The Flynn Family'), we follow the effects of a single father (Kevin Hart) in raising his daughter (Melody Hurd). After all, the mother died in childbirth and the grandparents live in another city. There is no one else. Throughout almost two hours, filmmaker Paul Weitz (of 'American Pie' and 'The Flynn Family') shows the relationship between father and daughter, with the inherent challenges in this man's life and how it is for her to grow up without immediate female references - there is a question involving pants and skirts, for example, which bets on simplicity and shows the small depth of the story. But, despite making little progress on the issue of single parenting, 'Fatherhood' is one of those cute movies that we watch without problems or bumps in the road, with a Kevin Hart ('Jumanji') that surprises in a role between family comedy and drama. It is a movie that does not revolutionize the way we see the family in the 21st century, nor does it bring naturalness to paternal creation. In the end, however, it enters this list of good productions on the subject.



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A father brings up his baby girl as a single dad after the unexpected death of his wife who died a day after their daughter's birth.

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