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Two marine biologists embark on a journey to decode the communication of humpback whales.


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With its debut at this year's Tribeca Festival, 'Fathom' is a documentary about two marine biologists studying the communication of humpback whales. A somewhat uncommon subject, but it is worth noting the attention documentaries about the underwater universe are receiving (the last Oscar winner in the category was about an octopus). And in the delicate moment we are living on our planet, learning a little more about nature is something very useful and can add a lot to us. In addition, the film has a very powerful narrative, using marine scientific research as a hook to discuss the very nature of human communication.



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Plot summary

Fathom is a visual and aural wonder of a documentary that follows researchers working to finally decode the communication of humpback whales. With Dr. Michelle Fournet, Dr. Ellen Garland.

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