The Tomorrow WarThe Tomorrow War
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The Tomorrow War

A family man is drafted to fight in a future war to save humanity.


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Starring Chris Pratt ('Guardians of the Galaxy'), Yvonne Strahovski ('The Handmaid's Tale') and JK Simmons ('Whiplash'), the movie follows a group of time travelers who arrive in the year 2051 to warn the people of Earth that they are losing a fight against an alien species and need reinforcements. So soldiers from the past must go to the future to help in the battle. This is a premise that reminds us of 'Terminator' and manages to deliver a good story, which uses the war against aliens to talk about family relationships and what we can learn from our past. At its core, 'The Tomorrow War' is a futuristic drama about the second chances we have in life and the importance of family ties. As a backdrop, the production has great scenes of Chris Pratt fighting against beings from another planet.



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A family man is drafted to fight in a future war where the fate of humanity relies on his ability to confront the past.

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