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We Still Say Grace

A teenager fights to escape her father's religious fanaticism when three strangers arrive at their remote farm.


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Suspense about a teenager trying to escape her dysfunctional home due to religious fanaticism, with the arrival of three strangers to the farm where she lives. A somewhat delicate theme, as it deals very naturally with the connection between religious fanaticism and dangerous cults. We know that problematic people are everywhere, but it is still a complicated topic. The production manages to bring a scary atmosphere, thanks to the behavior of the characters and their dialogues, but it is not one of the best on occultism, religious dogmas and to what extent religion affects the lives of the faithful.



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Plot summary

Maggie is a teenager who lives under her father's rules, a religious fanatic. The arrival of three young men to their remote farmhouse shakes her blind beliefs, but her father will do everything to keep his power over the family.

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