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70 Big Ones

A mother risks everything to save her daughter from a corrupt social worker during a bank robbery.


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In the original title, '70 Binladens' refers to 70 500-euro notes, a Spanish joke that gets lost in translation. 'Códigos Ocultos' is an interesting heist movie (focused on a mother who needs money to save her daughter and finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery), although it lacks a bit in predictability. Still, the script delivers some twists and makes up for the lack of surprise in the rest of the story with an unexpected ending. It's another good surprise in this subgenre coming from the land of Cervantes, as was the case with 'The Assault on the Bank of Spain'.



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Plot summary

A woman who tries to recover her daughter becomes trapped in a bank assault.Threatened by a corrupt social worker, a desperate mother goes to the bank to get a loan to pay a briber and recover her daughter. Robbers invade the place, and she will do anything to get the money and get out as fast as possible.

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