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A female artist confronts gender roles with actor Mikael Persbrandt and seven other alter egos.


Why watch this film?

Just like the X and Y chromosomes, this production brings a stimulus to modify our views on media representations of gender. We live in a society that needs to be more open to this type of discussion. The movie plays with reality and fiction, which is quite experimental, it seems like a theater class where the actors play versions of themselves, which is close to reality. After all, we humans have a personality, but it adapts according to the environment we are in.



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Plot summary

Artist Anna Odell conducts a social experiment in which she aims to challenge gender roles in our society. In a purpose-built set, she confronts herself with the actor and masculine icon Mikael Persbrandt, and invites seven other actors to live with them and act as alter egos of herself and Mikael.

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