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Freedom Fields

Three Libyan women fight for their soccer team during war in a story of hope, struggle, and sisterhood.


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Resonant film about women, sports, and the difficulties a country faces during war. 'Freedom Fields' follows a female soccer team over the years after the revolution in Libya and the consequences of the conflict. Here in Brazil, we are used to the effect that social inequality has on players and how there is a dream among young people to become someone important in football, so it is very interesting to watch a movie about this sport with another type of background, which is also collective and can show more layers of socio-economic problems. In addition, female representation is another delicate and important point of the story.



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Plot summary

'Freedom Fields' follows three women and their football team over five years in post-revolution Libya. As the country descends into war, “Determination, Will, Strength” is their motto. Community is key in this intimate story of hope, struggle, joy, and sisterhood.

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