The Insomnia ClubThe Insomnia Club
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The Insomnia ClubMovie on Netflix

Two insomniacs and a cashier bond over their crises in a convenience store.


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"El club de los insomnes" is the debut feature film of Joseduardo Giordano and Sergio Goyri Jr., a subtle, intimate drama that blends a mix of dry humor to become one of the freshest entries in Mexican fiction cinema of the 2010s. From a simple premise - two insomniacs pass their nights at a convenience store with the night shift cashier - the script weaves an excellent story about everyday epiphanies that arise from intimate moments, where each of them must face and accept their very peculiar existential dilemmas. That's enough to tug on heartstrings, and if you weren't already a fan of Cassandra Ciangherotti (nominated for an Ariel Award for Best Female Co-performance for this role), you will be after seeing her here.



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Two people with insomnia hang out in a shop every night. Along with the shop cashier, they keep each other company at night while their lives are in a moment of crisis.

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