At the End of the DayAt the End of the Day
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At the End of the Day

A conservative professor infiltrates a gay support group to stop an LGBT homeless youth shelter.


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The film industry is still walking towards being more diverse, especially when it comes to the LGBTQIA community. 'At the End of the Day' is a beautiful story about a conservative teacher from a Christian school who infiltrates a gay group that is working to provide homeless LGBT youth with shelter and ends up learning valuable lessons. It may be a bit out of the box narrative - in the sense of being very hard to make this reality - but it is important to believe that people can change regardless of the context they are in. It is quite emotional to follow this kind of plot that deals with inner growth and the relevance of it. This is a slow, gentle and very friendly movie. The message of love and acceptance is very important and well worked in the story.



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Plot summary

A conservative professor at a Christian college finds himself in a gay support group to stop their launch of an LGBT homeless youth shelter in their small town.

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