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A mother must eliminate powerful enemies of a mafia boss to save her son in one night.


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Dolph Lundgren became very famous for making action movies (the 'Mercenaries' franchise, 'Rocky IV', 'Masters of the Universe' and some films from the 'Universal Soldier' franchise) and in 'Acceleration' we have him back to his roots. The film tells the story of a mother who, to save her son who is being held hostage by a mafia boss (played by Lundgren), must eliminate powerful and dangerous enemies of the boss, all in one night in Los Angeles. In addition to Dolph, the feature also features Danny Trejo (from 'Machete') and Chuck Liddel (famous UFC fighter). The coolest thing is that, even though it has all these male stars known for their action movies, the protagonist is actress Natalie Burn, who carries the movie with her performance. It's a frenetic movie, with lots of energy and action. If you like movies like 'Endless Night', it's a great pick.



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Plot summary

After being double crossed by his most trusted operative, a ruthless crime lord takes revenge by kidnapping the her son. Overwhelmed with fear, the operative is given one night to make up for her misdeeds by systematically eliminating his enemies. As the hours rush by, the steaks begin to rise and the darkened city streets turn into a brutal and bloody battle ground.

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