Silvio SantosSilvio Santos

Silvio Santos

The definitive audiovisual biography of a Brazilian legend, Silvio Santos.

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More than a presenter and entrepreneur, Silvio Santos has become a legend in Brazilian popular culture. Everyone knows who Silvio is, knows a little about his history and his particularities. Now, this special documentary directed by Leonor Corrêa -- journalist, author of novels and sister of Faustão -- becomes the definitive audiovisual biography of Senor Abravanel. Over two hours, 'Silvio Santos' dives into the life and origin of the presenter, showing us how this popular figure of Brazilian television was formed. The tastiest, however, are the small stories and details of his journey. How he called Eliana to be a presenter, how he rescued Gugu from presenting on the competitor, the first contact with Celso Portiolli and so on. Corrêa, although she pulls the boss's sock a lot for being a kind of corporate film, since it celebrates Silvio's birthday, also goes deep into several issues, such as the presenter's loss of voice and the relationship with colleagues at work -- although it ignores much thornier issues, such as the break-up of Banco Panamericano, the troubled marriage with Cidinha, the first wife, and so on. In the end, you can feel an emotion, not only with Silvio's story, but also with this past Brazil that lives in our memory.



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Celebrating the 40 years of brazilian television channel SBT, this documentary was put together by Leonor Corrêa in a hommage to the man behind everything, Silvio Santos.

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