I Killed My Husband!I Killed My Husband!
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I Killed My Husband!

A woman accidentally kills her cheating husband before his big party, now she must hide the body and survive the night.


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"¡He matado a mi marido!" could easily have been made by Pedro Almodóvar. As the title implies, the plot follows a woman who accidentally kills her husband after discovering he is having an affair. In this context, the murderer must deal with a party at her house while having no idea what to do with her husband's body. ‘¡He matado a mi marido!’ is a hilarious comedy and it's great to watch the protagonist, played by Maria Conchita, get into increasingly complicated situations for having accidentally committed a crime. In some scenes, it's impossible not to compare Conchita to Almodóvar's muse, Carmen Maura.



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Plot summary

A desperate woman accidentally murders her unfaithful husband the morning of a big party honoring his recent Pritzker Prize, now she must survive the pain of heartbreak and a night of celebration, without being found out.

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