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Lo Invisible

After a bout with postpartum depression, Luisa returns to her dazzling home to struggle with her family's expectations.


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What a hard and difficult movie 'Lo Invisible' is, the feature film shown at the 2021 Toronto Festival. Directed by Ecuadorian Javier Andrade, the film follows the story of Luisa, a housewife who returns from a psychiatric clinic after suffering a severe postpartum depression. So, throughout the desperate (and slow) 94 minutes, we follow this woman (brilliantly played by Anahí Hoeneisen, who also wrote the script) trying to deal with the newborn baby and all the love that people around her demand she have for the child. It is thus, in quick and painful scenes, that the so-called invisible appears. Lo invisible. Depression insists on appearing, sneaking into corners, and preventing Luisa from continuing to live her life as everyone around her thinks can happen. Warning: if you're not in a good mood, stay away. It's dark, hard to watch, and Javier Andrade's direction is very cold. Be prepared for what lies ahead.



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When Luisa, 45, returns from a psychiatric clinic after a bout with severe postpartum depression, she enters a new confinement in her dazzling home, surrounded by family members and a brigade of servants who expect her struggles to remain invisible. Unable to continue playing the role of the perfect housewife, Luisa's only escape is to waltz elegantly into madness.

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