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A couple seeks a psychic to erase a traumatic memory, but a terrible evil grips the wife.


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"Mara" is an original Russian suspense and horror movie. The story starts with a couple on the brink of separation, and in a desperate attempt to save their marriage, the husband seeks help from a psychic, asking to have his wife's memory erased so they can start over. The movie begins with an atmosphere of suspense and tension, but quickly escalates into supernatural fantasy. It's an original and interesting story. It requires a bit of suspension of disbelief from the viewer, but it pays off when delving into this place of fantastic terror, subverting the initial narrative expected in the movie. The story is unpretentious, but should please horror fans looking for something outside the Hollywood standard.



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After a traumatic experience, a desperate couple asks a psychic for help who promises to erase the memory from their wife's mind. The magic seems to work, but a terrible evil appears to have gripped the woman.

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