Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!
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Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!Movie on Netflix

Experts dissect Hollywood's most famous cliches in a fun and informative special


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What would Hollywood be without the cliches we find in abundance in cinema? Explosions, chases, armies of one man. These and other types of cliches are addressed in the special 'Attack of the Hollywood Cliches!'. Exclusive to Netflix, and with only 58 minutes of duration, the medium-length film uses testimonies of experts and well-picked scenes to show these cliches and even show their importance in building stories on the big screen. Fun and made to measure for cinephiles, the special should excite with scenes from classic films running on the screen while we realize the connection of films through the decades.



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A special featuring some of the most famous films along with Screenwriters, Academics and Critics as they guide through the funny, weird and controversial clichés which appear on the screens.

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