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A Dutch rapper's reputation is destroyed after a violent robbery. Can he restore his image?


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Provocative and somewhat daring Dutch drama, 'Forever Rich' tells the story of a rapper (Jonas Smulders) whose watch is stolen in a violent street robbery in the Netherlands. Images of this theft soon start circulating around the world and the desperate rapper sees his hardman reputation - essential for conquering rap stages and fans - going down the drain. That's where 'Forever Rich' comes in, showing the dilemmas of this man living between the end of his career and the need to maintain an image that doesn't necessarily make sense in the context of his life. Special mention to Smulders, known for 'Het Diner' and 'Broers', who knows how to bring complexity to his character.



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Plot summary

The story of Richie and his journey to becoming the greatest rap-artist in the Netherlands. One evening he is violently robbed by a group of teenagers and loses his most prized possession: an expensive watch. When images of the humiliating robbery go viral, Richie's hard-earned reputation is damaged. Can Richie restore his image or will this be the end of his career?

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