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In a Whisper

Two Cuban friends share their struggles as migrants rebuilding their lives in Europe.


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A Half Voice is an intimate portrait of the lives of directors and friends Heidi Hassan and Patricia Pérez Fernández. The two grew up in Cuba and bring various topics to the production - such as motherhood, love, friendship, freedom and cinema. Both left their native country and moved to Europe, in the documentary they reflect on what it is like to live abroad - the feeling of not belonging is very strong. They cannot return to Cuba because they were exiled. It is very interesting this construction, of missing a reality that no longer exists and even though they have more opportunities living in another continent, it is inevitable to miss "home". 'A Media Voz' is a beautiful and important film for female cinema.



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Plot summary

Two friends exchange their experiences as migrants and how they try to rebuild their lives away from Cuba. An intimate and revealing film about friendship and exile.

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