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Clara Sola

A repressed woman in Costa Rica discovers desire and freedom from religious conventions.


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Clara Sola is a holy woman. At least that's what the neighbors and family of the woman, who gives her name to the film, believe. They think she, who has an bone problem, is the incarnation of the Holy Virgin. Our Lady. She has the power to cure diseases, even cancer, and lives by religion, faith and healing. However, the focus of 'Clara Sola' is to show the "other side" of the character. Throughout a little more than 100 minutes, this withdrawn woman, in the heart of Costa Rica, begins to experience desire, pleasure, will. Nathalie Álvarez Mesén's direction adds some spice to this story, also showing how religion can be a way to curb desire and be justification for everything.



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In a remote village in Costa Rica, Clara, a withdrawn 40-year-old woman, experiences a sexual and mystical awakening as she begins a journey to free herself from the repressive religious and social conventions which have dominated her life

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