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An authoritarian patriarch turned into a chicken forces his family into self-discovery in an absurd, yet engaging, comedy-drama set in Egypt.


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"Feathers" is one of those movies that uses absurdity to expose the harsh reality of a society - in this case, Egyptian. The story begins when the patriarch of a very controlling family is transformed into a chicken by a magician at a children's party. From then on, the rest of the family - mainly the wife - is forced to continue life in an extremely macho and patriarchal society. All this with a mixture of absurd comedy and drama with a slow but engaging development. Perfect for those looking for different critical narratives than those we are used to, even though it reveals that certain social problems are the same everywhere in the world.



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Plot summary

A family is forced into a period of self-discovery after its authoritarian patriarch is accidentally turned into a chicken by a magician during a children's birthday party

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