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Winter's Night

A couple revisits the place where they first fell in love, encountering past and present versions of themselves.


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If we're talking about movies about couples on an introspective journey through the nature of their relationship and love, we have obligatory references such as 'Before Sunset', 'In The Mood For Love' and even 'Frankie'. From South Korea comes 'Winter's Night', the story of a middle-aged couple who visits the place where they spent their first night together, on a trip where they reunite with ex-lovers, friends, and even a young couple that reminds them of themselves. It is a sober and melancholic contemplation of love, regret, and dissatisfaction that often accompany middle age, with a touch of captivating magical realism.



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A middle-age couple visit a temple in Chuncheon where they spent their first night together 30 years prior. On the way, one of them cannot find their phone and hurries to find it. As the night unravels, they will come across an ex-lover, a friend, and a young couple who resemble them 30 years ago.

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