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Lost Illusions

A young writer's dreams are corrupted by the press and elite in 19th century Paris.


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"Illusions perdues" is considered Balzac's best novel and this cinematic adaptation, directed by Xavier Giannoli ("The Apparition"), is a very honest work - perhaps just a bit too long. The film has a good dynamic, manages to awaken various emotions and makes a very well-founded parallel between the 19th century and the present day, when talking about spreading fake news, media and society control, in the field of who influences who - something similar to social networks. The story follows Lucien de Rubempré (Benjamin Voisin), a young man full of dreams who goes to Paris to show his art and ends up frustrated with the disappointments of adult life. The film made its debut at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival.



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Plot summary

Venice Festival. Based on Balzac's masterpiece, this is the story of the rise and fall of Rubempré, an ambitious young writer in 19th century Paris whose dreams are corrupted by the press and elite of the time.

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