The Matrix ResurrectionsThe Matrix Resurrections
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The Matrix Resurrections

Neo's strange memories lead him back into the Matrix, where a new love story unfolds.


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In 2021, we guarantee a return to The Matrix and this time from the creative mind of just one of the Wachowski sisters, Lana. 'The Matrix Resurrections' starts off with a great premise that manages to innovate what was created in 1999 by investing in metalinguistics. A narrative within a narrative - which follows a completely unexpected course. This is the most fun movie of the entire franchise, which carried a more serious tone in the first chapters, and is far from being just action or revolution. 'The Matrix Resurrections' is nothing more than a love story - science fiction? To the cinema? Trinity and Neo? Possibly the answer is the last one, but as a fan of the saga, I want to believe it goes beyond that. It was great to see Keanu Reever returning as a 2.0 version of Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity. The new additions to the cast are even better: the performances of Neil Patrick Harris ('Ideal Girl') and Jonathan Groff ('Hamilton') leave the viewer wanting to know more. As well as Jessica Henwick ('Love and Monsters') as Bugs and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ('The Legend of Candyman') as the revamped version of Morpheus. This movie will please and displease many people, but at the bottom nostalgia speaks louder.



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Plagued by strange memories, Neo’s life takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself back inside the Matrix.

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