Juntos e EnroladosJuntos e Enrolados
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Juntos e Enrolados

A couple saves for their dream wedding, but a message threatens to ruin their plans.


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Typical national comedy, with all its characteristics and mannerisms, 'Juntos e Enrolados' tells the story of Julio (Rafael Portugal) and Daiana (Cacau Protásio), a couple who, after much struggle, manage to save up enough money for their wedding. Everything is good, right? Wrong. Before the ceremony, the groom receives a text message that shakes the foundations of the couple. From there, directors Eduardo Vaisman and Rodrigo Van Der Put (from the Porta dos Fundos Christmas specials) play around with the peculiarities of a relationship. The highlight, and what should make people laugh, is the performance of the duo of protagonists. Cacau, one of the main names in Brazilian comedy, plays a common and extremely relatable type that naturally causes humor. Rafael Portugal, on the other hand, bets on a more present physicality with a character who goes through a lot. A fun and funny movie, made to measure to pass the time.



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Plot summary

Júlio and Daiana manage to save enough to hold the dreamed wedding party. The big day arrived, before the ceremony a message ended up winding up the plans. The wedding can even be cancelled, but the party can't stop.

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