Simon's Got a GiftSimon's Got a Gift
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Simon's Got a Gift

Orphan Simon takes his friend's identity to have a family, but living a lie is complicated.


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Presented at the 24th French Film Tour in Mexico, 'The Last Life of Simon' is a French film that appears to be an 80s Steven Spielberg fantasy, which is not a negative criticism. The story follows an orphan searching for a family, although he has a peculiar gift: the ability to transform into any person he has touched. His life seems to improve when he is welcomed by a family with two other children, but a tragedy changes everything. Although the ending becomes predictable halfway through, there are several interesting plot twists along the way, and as it is a fantastical film without much pretense, it is highly enjoyable.



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Plot summary

Simon is an orphan boy with an extraordinary gift: to take the appearance of other people. One day, his best friend dies in an accident and Simon takes his place to fulfill his dream of having a family. But living someone else's story is not that simple.

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