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Never Grow Old

An undertaker in a peaceful town is forced to bury the victims of a vicious outlaw gang.


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"Never Grow Old" is an Irish Western starring Emile Hirsch ("Into the Wild") and John Cusack ("Being John Malkovich") as the antagonist. The film follows Emile's character, a funeral director living in a peaceful, vice-free town whose peace is disturbed by the arrival of a stranger bringing alcohol, cards, and women. The vices destabilize the town, and though the activity proves lucrative for the funeral home, he realizes that the situation could put his family in danger. The film is slow and immersive, building up a lot of tension as it unfolds. The characters present a complex morality that cannot be easily defined as good or bad, and the performances of both protagonists carry the movie. It is a modern Western in all its implications, seeking ways to rekindle the genre and develop new conflicts.



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Debauchery. Greed. Murder. Welcome to Garlow. The once-peaceful frontier town is now a den of vice after vicious outlaw Dutch Albert and his gang arrived—and began gunning down their opposition. Undertaker Patrick Tate must choose between the blood money he makes burying the murderers’ victims and the threats he and his family face in this intense and gritty western.

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