15 Minutes of War15 Minutes of War
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15 Minutes of War

Elite shooters lead a rescue mission to save 21 French children and an American teacher from Somali terrorists in Djibouti.


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In February 1976, Somali terrorists hijack a school bus full of children in Djibouti which was still under French control. The bus is left stranded in no-man’s land between French territory and the Somali border. A schoolteacher, played by Olga Kurylenko, demands to be taken aboard as an additional hostage to look after the children. An elite sniper team from the Gendarmerie, later known as GIGN, is sent in to rescue the children from the bus. Directed by Fred Grivois, the film portrays the hijacking with a convincing and terrifying tension. What makes 'The Intervention' so interesting is that it's not just an action movie, it's a film about strategy. What makes it clever is seeing the mechanics of how such a large-scale rescue operation is planned and re-planned. Grivois explains the operational complications and portrays them perfectly in this thriller which dramatizes a real-life incident to demonstrate that every decision and every move is crucial for achieving a rescue mission of that nature.



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In 1976 a school bus is hijacked on the Somali border. Inside are 21 French children and an American teacher. After 30 hours of extreme tension, a rescue operation led by elite shooters is organized.

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