One Taxi RideOne Taxi Ride

One Taxi Ride

A gay man's journey to reclaim his life after a decade of silence following a sexual assault during a taxi ride.

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Winner of the Grand Prize at the Guadalajara Film Festival 2019, "A Taxi Ride" is a powerful observational documentary that tells the story of Erick, a gay man who suffered a sexual assault when he was a teenager during a taxi ride and kept it a secret for a decade. When he's finally ready to reveal it, questions arise about the reaction of his family and Mexican society, hypermasculine and macho. Without ever resorting to sensationalism, "A Taxi Ride" is a powerful and moving documentary that sensitively portrays the doubts, fears and repercussions of sexual violence in the lives of victims and their families, but also inspires by showing its personal, family and societal accomplishments.



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Erick's life changed forever when he got into a taxi. The driver and two accomplices sexually assaulted him. The then 17-year-old never went to the police, never saw a doctor and never told his family or friends. After feeling broken for 10 years, he goes on a journey to reclaim his life - changing the world around him along the way.

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