The Strangest Girl in the WorldThe Strangest Girl in the World
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The Strangest Girl in the World

A lonely teenager brings her drawings to life, but faces ridicule and abuse from her peers.


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It is the adaptation of the Argentine book 'The Strangest Girl in the World' by Mariano Cattaneo, directed by the author himself (who had already made another adaptation as a short film). It is a simple story: Melién (Gina Mastronicola) is the typical outcast girl, who instead of socializing with her schoolmates, prefers to take refuge in her powerful imagination, reading and drawing. However, there are two issues: first, she is the object of ridicule and abuse by her classmates; and second, she swears that her drawings are more than that, beings with their own life that have come out of her imagination. 'The Strangest Girl in the World' mixes real image with some animation elements to tell a story that, under the fantasy, is both a portrait of bullying and an ode to the power of imagination. Without any great pretensions, it is a good family-friendly fantasy movie that, even if it does not reach the depth of its obvious inspirations (like Tim Burton or Guillermo del Toro), is still quite enjoyable.



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A 15-year-old imaginative yet lonely girl assures that her drawings come to life.

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