Back to the TitanicBack to the Titanic

Back to the Titanic

A team of researchers embark on a historic manned mission to the Titanic, revealing new footage and insights.

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A National Geographic documentary that captures the first manned mission to the legendary vessel in nearly 15 years. 'Back to the Titanic' may be of interest to fans of the most iconic shipwreck in history, as it captures 4K images for the first time and documents how researchers build a more up-to-date and accurate model to try to reconstruct past events and predict its future. It may not be as exciting for those who have already seen James Cameron's essential 'Mysteries of the Titanic', but both the curious and the knowledgeable will find something of value here.



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'Back to the Titanic' documents the first manned dives to Titanic in nearly 15 years. New footage reveals fresh decay and sheds light on the ship’s future.

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